If you’re planning a wedding in 2018, you’re in luck. Here are some of tips that you can choose for your wedding day.Actually these ideas came from different wedding planners for their insight into which trends will rule the 2018


Moody and richly pigmented flowers and colorful candle centerpieces will be table decor of choice in the new year. More and more brides are choosing outdoor venues beach,garden etc.

Alix Eckstein & Auston Perry

“Living bar“, Freshly cut foliage fronted with a laser-cut painted wood veneer or stained latticework covered in climbing clematis are just a few snap-worthy ways of transforming the bar experience.


Potted plaints as aisle decor.The pots themselves can be wrapped in silk fabrics to hide the pot and create a harmonious decor that blends with the natural environment.”


Destination Weddings That Embrace Local Culture.This is another wedding trend on 2018.You can have your wedding on various locations where you can get off of grid.The best part of these unique places are the local traditions and customs.


Small wedding parties.In recent years, we’ve seen brides with huge 10-13 brides maids .Therefore, the brides will choose smaller groups made up of a single or two,three bridesmaids in 2018.


Emphasis on the after party.

The emphasis will be on the late portion of the wedding.Whether that means adding a specialty late-night food option, changing into a fun jumpsuit or lighter dress or moving to an entirely new location to keep guests on their toes, there are many fun ways to keep the party going!”


Moody, Colorful Florals.The big trend for 2018 will be darker, detailed, and textured florals. We’ve been in a beautiful lull of soft, lush, flowers with lots of greenery, but dark colors and all shade of purple include wine,lilac,lavender,and mauve are going to be making an appearance in 2018.


Textured Linens.When it comes to your reception, it’s the little details that help make your wedding unique.2018 we will see laser-cut, illusion reception details in white and neutral tones.Think a lots about textured linens.


Translucent Touches.couples may  opting for the modern, architectural, and clean design translucence offers. Clear tents, venues surrounded by floor to ceiling windows, glass tables, and Lucite invitations and place cards.

Alix Eckstein & Auston Perry

Marble Dance Floors.Just be sure to take an aerial photo to capture your guests twirling on the swirled marble.


Dogwood Bouquets.All Bridal bouquets 2018  made of only dogwood blooms will make a huge appearance in the spring.


Colored Candles. Colored candles on tables capes or peppered throughout the event space are an easy way to add something unexpected to your decor.Instead of the standard white and ivory candles.


Creative Place Cards.The new year 2018 will weave creative place cards into the event’s aesthetic. They’ll be edible or made with unexpected mediums, such as plants or vases.” The macaron place card seen left—kept fresh by the sweetest mini-cloche—is the perfect example.

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