5 tips for choosing your wedding theme

Why theme your wedding? A theme or some sort of coherent concepts will tie together the personal elements of your wedding and create a mood to your loved ones that illustrates who you and your boo-thang are as a couple.

So before you bump into some corners, here is a proverbial helmet of 5 things you should learn when considering a theme:

1. Choose your spot

Most likely, your venue is going to be a reflection of elements you and your dude already like.

2. Look within

The best advice I missed early on was to sit down and write down words and key aspects that define you as a couple. When I was thinking of our couple personality, things like travel, pics, exploring (or ‘sploring’ as we call it) and crazy emojis come to mind. These sorts of touches will be interwoven into our overarching style, like silhouettes of states we’ve vacationed to as our table numbers, to convey our story.

3. Pin Pin Pin!

Oh Pinterest, I can’t thank you enough for existing. My crazy pinning, reading, and poking about on the internet habits somehow illuminated a theme path for me. I noticed I was consistently drawn to rustic and antique trends. I also learned that mismatched palette bridesmaid’s dresses were totally my bag! Running through other people’s wedding boards and grabbing what speaks to you can help you further define your style.

4. Think about your “Back to the Future” moments

Picture yourself as MJ Fox in the Delorean jamming to Huey Lewis and the News (totally just aged myself!). Your Hobbit-themed wedding with Dwarf groomsmen and Elvish bridesmaids may seem hilarious now but will you love it in your golden years? You can do funny kitschy stuff or go with the 2014 trends, but timeless may be best.

5. Ask for a helping hand:

Convos with the decoratively gifted members of my family (my sis and mom, the deco-gene totally skipped me for some reason) gave me a plethora of ideas and made for pretty sturdy bonding time as well. Over holiday break, my mom and I pulled centerpiece concepts from the wealth of awesomeness that is her home decor. Think about family members who have the gilded interior touch or even materials/objects you can borrow to make your venue look smashing.